Craving Carmen In Black Mesh Dress

You really can’t go wrong with a black mesh bodysuit especially when it’s being worn by Carmen. She seems to have forgotten her bra and panties today and that means that pretty much nothing is hidden, so enjoy scoping out this perfect beauty as she spreads her legs and shows her ass.

craving carmen black mesh 1
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Craving Carmen’s Bubble Bath

Carmen’s taking a bubble bath and it is an extremely hot sight, but I kind of think that getting clean is secondary to getting off. I say this because her hands keep straying to her beautiful pussy and then sliding across her taut belly to tweak her hard nipples. At least she’s having a good time!

craving carmen bubble bath 18
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Craving Carmen In Black Sheer Panties

Sheer black panties make this scene a hot one as Carmen relaxes on her bed and spreads her legs wide. She begins to rub herself through her underwear and quickly gets heated up enough that she decides to take them off, which means lots of good views of her sweetly shaved pussy for us to enjoy.

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Carmen Thinks They Can’t See Her

Carmen has some lovely full breasts and she seems to get distracted by them a lot. Today we wanted to get some candid photos of her but she kept playing with her nipples and we ended up just sitting back and watching the show. She tweaks those sweet hard nipples and lets out these little squeals of pleasure that are just wonderful.

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Craving Carmen In Black Nylons

Carmen is showing off some new black nylons that really make this scene one of the hottest I’ve ever seen her in. The grey panties and bra look nice too, but of course Carmen gets frisky and takes those off so we can see her intimacy as much as we want. She’s such a beautiful girl it’s hard to put it to words.

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